Welcome to sheafsystem.org, the online home for the SheafSystem™ CE developer community.

SheafSystem.org and it's supporting resources are a work in progress. Over the course of the next few weeks we will refine much, so please bear with us; our goal is to evolve this site into a first-rate communication tool for our community members. Therefore, If you have suggestions or comments, please use the contact link above to let us know about them. 

Introducing the SheafSystem™ Community Edition.

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The SheafSystem™ libraries implement the sheaf data model, a non-relational data model designed for representation, manipulation, and storage of the large and complex data sets common in scientific and technical computing. These data sets represent the topological, geometric, and algebraic information required by mathematics-based scientific and technical computing applications.

They are much more structured than the  "unstructured" data that is the focus of  the "noSQL" category of non-relational data management technologies and also more structured than the tables of the relational model. The SheafSystem™ uses advanced mathematics - posets, lattices, sheaves, and fiber bundles - to revolutionize data management for this highly structured region of the data complexity spectrum.

It's time to get your Big Data on. Get the SheafSystem™ Community Edition now.