sheaf::primitive_buffer_type Union Reference

Type of buffer large enough to hold any primitive type. More...

#include <primitive_type.h>

Public Attributes

bool bool_primitive
char char_primitive
signed char signed_char_primitive
short int short_int_primitive
int int_primitive
long int long_int_primitive
long long int long_long_int_primitive
unsigned char unsigned_char_primitive
unsigned short int unsigned_short_int_primitive
unsigned int unsigned_int_primitive
unsigned long int unsigned_long_int_primitive
unsigned long long int unsigned_long_long_int_primitive
float float_primitive
double double_primitive
long double long_double_primitive
void_star void_star_primitive
c_string c_string_primitive
namespace_relative_member_index_pod_type namespace_relative_member_index_primitive
namespace_relative_subposet_index_pod_type namespace_relative_subposet_index_primitive
int_type int_type_primitive
pod_index_type pod_index_type_primitive
size_type size_type_primitive

Detailed Description

Type of buffer large enough to hold any primitive type.

Definition at line 165 of file primitive_type.h.

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